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Project Description

We are involved in supplying quality AGRO CHEMICAL which comprises of fulvic acid, potassium humate, humic balls, amino acid and seaweed extract powder. It improves the fertility of the soil, life of the soil and increases productivity.


Improves the soil content by leaps and bound
Do not contain toxins
World class quality

Other Details

TERMINATOR is a best Agro Chemicals products which controls insect pests such as Brown Plant Hopper in paddy, Mango Hopper and Bugs, aphids, whiteflies, thrips, leafhopper, leafminer, sawfly, mole cricket, white grubs, lace bugs, billbugs, beetles, mealybugs, sawfly larvae, and cockroaches in leafy vegetables, TERMINATOR is as such type of Agro Chemicals which acts as an effective contact-stomach poison to control various insect pests of crops. Terminator has a good residual foliar activity and has a low hazard to mammals. It is a unique and new molecule in agro chemical which has a systemic action and translaminar action. Effective on insect resistant to organophosphate, carbamate and/or pyrethroid compound as well as sensitive ones. Low toxicity against mammalian, birds and aquatic organisms. It is very effective especially against resistant insect & pests. It is also ideal for your rainy season pest control management. TERMINATOR a good Agro Chemicals has long residual action that provides longer protection, Reducing the number of spray application. Application dose is very low but still have very good control even if applied alone unlike other hopper killers. Environment friendly product. TERMINATOR: Doze- 50 gm / Acre.
Minimum Order Quantity: 25 Kilogram(s)


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